Is your child complaining about being bored at school?

Tired of motivating them to complete school tasks?

Does the teacher talk about their behaviour or lack of interest?

Do you feel they could do better at school?

Looking for answers?

You have come to the right place

Dr G Optimal Potential

“Dr G’s Optimal Potential programmes optimises outcomes by providing expertise in learning diversity, to help students achieve their best”

Just for a moment, allow yourself to think of education as being like a jigsaw puzzle. If one jigsaw piece is missing there is a gap and if there’s a gap the final picture can never come to life as a vivid, pleasing, completed result. Optimal Potential exists in order to identify and bridge these learning gaps such that the educational shift which takes is not merely transactional but wholly transformational. Optimal Potential’s Specialist Team led by Dr Geraldine Townend galvanises together years of professional experience to help you get the very best results. Imagine your diverse world of learning being supported by caring experts who are intelligently guiding you toward Less Stress, Better Grades and Increased Confidence.


Dr G’s Optimal Potential brings together cognitive, educational and psychology specialists

These experts establish the unique learning pathways for individuals bridging the gap between schools, teachers and health care professionals

Dr. GERALDINE TOWNENDEducation Specialist
Geraldine is an internationally published academic with years of experience in gifted, special needs and high-ability education. She is focussed on reversing underachievement in students so that they can realise their full potential in life. Geraldine is lecturer in gifted and special needs education at the University of New South Wales.
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LEANNE JONESPsychologist
Leanne is a Psychologist with twenty years’ experience working with children and families privately, within schools and with not-for-profit organisations. She recognises that children are exposed to multiple stressors, hence building on children’s strengths whilst empowering them to adjust their sails is an important part of her practice.
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DIPTI MCGOWANClinical Psychologist
Dipti is a Clinical Psychology Registrar and is also in the final phase of her research PhD. She provides a environment where clients feel safe, secure and relaxed and can work towards improving their well-being. Dipti works with individuals and groups, helping them to acquire insight and understanding of their life experiences
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